Life in Transition

Moving sucks.  As happy as I am to be leaving San Antonio to get the opportunity to experience something new, I hate moving.  The whole concept of moving is not fun.  It is boring.  My house is completely displaced and unorganized.  As OCD and controlling as I am, having a house in shambles does not fit well with me.  There are boxes that seem to be stacked to the ceiling and crap that still needs to be boxed up.  I mean seriously – there are four people living in my house, plus a baby, and three animals.  Between the boxes, animals, and each other it feels as though we are on top of each other in this tiny town home we live in.  We leave in 3 days, but still it is as though we have a whole life of belongings that still need to be packed.  I keep expecting that when I wake up in the mornings (every morning) that everything will be packed and ready to go.  You know?  Kind of like Christmas, or Easter, or some other gift-giving holiday where some magical creatures come and bring gifts.  Mom?  Dad?  I do not wish for gifts.  I just wish for my crap to be packed up.  I mean – I am not asking for TOO much.  Money is not required and I will leave the door unlocked.  Snacks.  Drinks.  Just make this stuff go. away.

For those of you unaware: typically the military moves members from one location to the other.  Under normal circumstances, you schedule movers with the on-base moving section to come and pack up all of your stuff and ship it to wherever you are going.  These movers do everything, pack everything, all expenses paid by the military.  However, this time, my husband and I decided to do it ourselves.  By ourselves, I mostly mean that my husband and step-son would do most of it.  As a result, we box everything up, get a U-Haul and load up, and drive to our destination.  At the end, when we check into our next base, we will get paid for moving ourselves.  It is a substantial payment and it will certainly help when purchasing furniture and odds and ends for our new home.  Although we will get paid, it is still a pain in the butt to get packed up and ready to move when you are doing it on your own.

I don’t yet know whether or not the money that we get on the end of this will be worth it.  I can just say that I hope it is at least somewhat worth it.  It is still to be determined whether or not we (read: they) will do this again.  Bill says NO, but I am thinking maybe, just maybe there might be hope that we will do it again just for the monetary gain.  Probably by the time we are ready to move again, we will have forgotten just how bad this sucked.


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