The Judgment is Not Yours

Initially I was not going to write about this particular subject for a number of reasons.  It had absolutely nothing to do with my personal thoughts, opinions, or beliefs about it.  Rather, I felt like every media outlet I looked at had this as its top story.  I did not want to contribute to the Kardashian-Jenner obsession.  I felt like if I didn’t write anything about it, it would somehow stop all other media outlets from constantly putting this family’s business out there.

I decided to finally write because I feel like I have a couple of things to say about this subject.  It boggles my mind why people are being so cruel about the fact that Bruce Jenner decided to undergo sexual reassignment surgery and become a woman, hence Caitlyn Jenner.  I have read some really ugly, crude things on the Internet since she publicly introduced herself as Caitlyn.  I just wonder what this choice has to do with those in society.  The choice that Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner made does not impact anyone but herself and her family.  So why all of the negative comments and judgments?  No one in this world is in any position to judge her on HER decision.

I watched a really excellent video on this topic.  You can view it here.  These kids have it right.  Some adjectives used by these children to describe Caitlyn were “calm”, “confident”, “happy”, “in charge”.  I think those are some pretty strong words and I think anyone in this world would be delighted to be described with such powerful words.  Especially happy.  It is such a simple word but carries so much weight.  Isn’t that what life is all about, anyway?  …finding YOUR happiness, no matter how it is done.  Furthermore, one of the little boys talked about how he thinks about it like, “what if that were me?”  Yes, what if that were you or someone you loved?  It is amazing how quickly the script is flipped if it is someone we love or ourselves going through something that we often condemn others for.

I want to change gears for a second.  Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) is one of the most talked about, highest positively reviewed shows on right now.  It premiered on Netflix in 2013 and is currently on its third season, with a fourth season already renewed for 2016.  OITNB has received 32 awards out of 55 nominations, to include multiple Emmy nods from its first season. It has also received high reviews from the hardest critics.  Read about that here.  But did you know…Laverne Cox (aka: Sophia Burset on OITNB) is also a transgender woman.  That’s right – she has associated with being a woman/girl since approximately third grade.  If you are interested, you can Google “Laverne Cox” and find all kinds of articles, Q&A sessions with her.  If you’re really inclined, watch a couple of episodes of OITNB and you’ll see for yourself what a phenomenal actress she is.  BUT, I bet if you didn’t know she was formerly a man, you probably wouldn’t realize it just by watching her or listening to her.  I didn’t even know until I did a little research while watching the first season of OITNB.

One little boy in the video I mentioned previously said that he thinks people are scared of change and they just want everything to stay the same.  Yes, absolutely.  People are afraid change, no matter what that change is.

I have only mentioned two transgenders in this entire post.  Think of how many others there are in this world who are getting bullied and ostracized because they feel they should be living a different life.  Please, stop the bullying.  Let’s stop questioning the rights of others because we do not feel the same or do not understand.  It is not our place to judge or even understand.  Let’s support those who associate with being a gender other than they are.  Who cares if the individual was an Olympic Gold Medalist or some random person we know nothing about.  Their choice is theirs alone.  Imagine if it were someone you loved or cared for deeply.  Then, would you be so quick to pass judgment and call them “a disgusting, sick man?”


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