I only ran once this week and that isn’t something I am particularly proud of.  Although, the day I ran I felt like I had a good run.  Comparatively speaking, it wasn’t great, but luckily I am not comparing myself and my running to anyone, but…myself.  I do not remember what my exact run time was, but it was better than it had been in the past.  It was something like just over fifteen minutes and I did a mile and a half.  Yeah, I know – that is slow, but hey(!), you try running at this ridiculous elevation.  It isn’t fun or easy, but I ran and that is what matters.

I was planning to run much further than just a mile and a half, but about a mile into the run, I saw lightening off in the distance.  Based on the way I was going if I hadn’t turned around, I would have put myself about two miles from my house and I didn’t want to get stuck in the weather.  So after a mile, I decided to turn around and go back.  I ran the last half a mile and wound up at our neighborhood recreation center.  I was just going to head home, but I felt great, so I decided to stop in and lift weights for a little while.  After lifting weights for about twenty minutes, I decided to go home.

I was just going to walk home but it was raining, so I ran as fast as I could.  Man, I was winded by the time I got home.  I didn’t start my watch, but in hindsight I wish I would have because then I would have been able to see how fast I was going.  I guarantee I was close to or right at an eight minute mile, which is AWESOME!  It was a good thing I stopped my run when I did.  Not even ten minutes after I got home it started thundering, lightening, raining (even harder), and hailing.  I would have been so upset had I gotten stuck in that mess.  That happened to me last year, and I came home drenched.  I wasn’t quite ready for that to happen again.

Although I know that wasn’t the best time for me, or the best time I have ever done, I was pretty happy with how I did.  It made me feel good.  Although it was only a mile and a half, it is a stepping stone to that half marathon that is coming up quick.  The fact that I felt so good during and after that run made me realize that maybe running this half marathon in September isn’t going to be so bad afterall.


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