Run, baby, run


Lately I have been feeling a little discouraged with my half marathon training.  As my Facebook posts have indicated, running Colorado is so difficult.  I am able to get to four miles, but I have to stop a few times because I just do not feel like I have the endurance to not rest for a minute or so.  My half marathon is exactly five weeks from today and I haven’t felt ready.  I don’t really know what ready feels like, but four miles at five and a half weeks out (as of Thursday) didn’t feel ready.  Four miles really isn’t a bad distance, but I knew I needed to be much further along in my training than I was.  Four miles is great, but what about those other nine+ miles I’d still have to do?  There have been times where I thought, “There is no way I am going to be able to run 13 miles!”

Somewhere deep inside of me, I have actually thought of just not doing the half.  It would just be my $200 contribution to Disney, with nothing to show for it.  In my right mind, I know that isn’t an option. First of all, I am cheap; if I pay for something, I am going to get something out of it and I am not about to waste $200.  Second of all, I want to prove to myself that I can run a half marathon.  The bragging rights will be worth it!  Finally, when I registered for the Disney half, I also bought a Disney half commemorative pin.  I am a geek when it comes to Disney pins and I want to be able to wear that thing with pride!

Then today happened.  I ran four miles on Thursday, and felt great, but not so great that I wanted to run anything further than four miles.  Today I tried really hard to talk myself out of running, but I knew I needed to do it.  I told myself on Thursday that at some point this weekend I would do seven miles.  It is one thing to say something and another to actually do it.  And today I really didn’t want to run.  But I got bored and I thought to myself that I would just go and do two miles.  Two miles would be quick and painless and better than nothing.  So I got up, got dressed, and laced up.  I ran on the treadmill because it is just too hot and humid to run outside.

I started running and actually felt a lot better than I thought I would.  Two and a half miles came and went and I wasn’t ready to stop so I told myself, “ok, self, just get to four miles”.  Four miles came, and then five.  By the time I got to five miles, I felt so great that there was no way I was stopping.  If I can do five, what is two more?  So I did it, with the help of some really great running music.  Every time I run, my goal is to run each mile in twelve minutes or under.  That isn’t fast by any means, but I am looking for distance, not time.  And less than twelve minutes is a pace I feel is good for me and something I can do for a half marathon.  I am not trying to be the fastest chick out there, because anything I do on this half marathon course will be a PR for me and I am the only one that matters in my mind.  Surprisingly every mile was actually less than 11:30 with my last mile the fastest at 9:56.  Weird, right?  It completely blows my mind that my last mile was actually my fastest!

After getting to seven I really honestly felt like I could have kept going, but I didn’t have anymore water, so I decided to call it good.  Seven miles was a huge accomplishment and is the longest I have run at a single time without stopping in my entire life.  I mean – who am I fooling?  Seven miles is the longest I have ever run with OR without stopping in my entire life.  It doesn’t matter though.  I am completely confident that I am much more ready for this half marathon than I thought I was just three hours ago.  After seven miles I didn’t die, and I was over half-way through what I will experience in five weeks.  I am so excited that in five very short weeks I will run my first (hopefully of many) half marathons.

The best thing about running and burning all those calories is the meal afterwards.  So now I will anxiously await the pizza that is soon to be delivered to my hotel room.


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