Emotions on High


In exactly 17 days from today, Bill and I (and Bentley) will begin our journey to Anaheim, California to participate in the long awaited Disney Half Marathon.  I have been waiting for this event since the beginning of February, but today I feel like it set in that I. Am. Running. A. Half. Marathon.  This event has [obviously] been on my mind since February, but I am beginning to obsess over it.  It isn’t even a small, healthy obsession; it has gotten pretty intense.  But today, I feel like it really hit me.

In order to pick up your packet for the run, you have to sign and turn in a waiver.  This is typical for any kind of race you run.  I have only done a couple of 5k’s in the past and I recall having to sign waivers for those small races.  Today, I decided to go online and print our waivers for our trip.  I don’t want to leave anything behind, or forget anything so I got it done.  No big deal.

When I am on the Internet, I have a tendency to go down a few rabbit holes.  Anyway, so while I was “just printing a couple of waivers”, I found the Official Event Guide for THE run.  I started looking through the Event Guide, just to see what all was in there.  I think it is cool that they have an electronic version of the print so participants athletes can check out the different events going on during the weekend.  It has a lot of really awesome, useful information in it.

I barely got to the [maybe] third page and I started getting teary-eyed.  Part of the route of the run is to go through the Anaheim Angels stadium.  In the brochure that I was looking at, there was a photo zoomed in of a woman running through the Angels stadium and there were spectators high-fiving her as she was running past.  Further into the brochure, I found a map of the route that we will be running.  I felt like that was pretty good information to print, bring home, and show Bill.

Tonight when Bill got home, we were talking about the run (because that is pretty much all I want to talk about) and I got the map and showed it to him.  We were talking about where the route will take us, places we will see, the water stops, medical stops, etc.  Then I pointed out to him where the Anaheim Angels stadium was and that it was around mile 9.  I was trying to tell him about the picture I saw in the brochure of the lady getting high-fived by spectators and I couldn’t even.  I completely lost my shit.  I started bawling to the point I couldn’t even talk.  I mean literally tears were streaming down my face.  Just typing this now makes me want to cry.

I have no idea who that lady in the photo is; she could be a Disney employee just posing for the photo op, for all I know.  What I do know is: THAT IS GOING TO BE ME!  I am going to be that person who is running around home plate at the Anaheim Angels stadium, high-fiving spectators as I finish up mile 9, heading towards the finish line with just four miles left to go.  Those spectators are going to be my fuel during this run; they are going to give me life and they are going to be the ones pushing me to the finish when I feel like I have nothing left to give.  I know at the end of this, I will be so grateful for those spectators for the high-fives they are going to be giving me during this adventure.


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