Deployment Chronicles Pt I

Right now, I am staying in a trailer that does not have bathrooms or showers, only rooms.  Before you start to feel too much pity for me, I have access to bathrooms and showers…I just have to walk a ways to get there.  By a ways, I mean 25 yards, maybe?  I don’t know how far, really.  I am terrible at measuring distance.  In order to get to the bathroom or shower, I have to go outside and walk to another building.  It really isn’t a huge deal, but it is definitely an annoyance.

These “bathrooms” are called Cadillacs.  I have no clue why.  I guess because they are big like a Cadillac?  I don’t pretend to know why they are called that.  It is weird to me.  Anyway, there is one that I use to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and another one I use to shower in.  I shower in a different one because it has hot water.  The one closest to me has warm water, at best.  I don’t know that for certain.  I only know by virtue of asking around.  I am not brave enough to try it because warm-ish showers make me angry.  I like to take a shower hot enough to burn the skin off my back.

To get to the point: I went to the Cadillac a little bit ago to pee and there was a lady in there.  She looked like she was new here, so I asked her how the water was.  She said it was warm, but barely.  I told her that there was a Cadillac two buildings down on her left that always had hot water, if she preferred hot water to shower in.  Someone told me about the hot water in the other building when I first got here, so I feel like it is my duty to pass that information along.  She seemed thankful that I shared that information with her.  I asked her how long she has been here and she said a few days.  As I walked back to my room, I thought of how that was me just two and a half-ish weeks ago.  It made me think of how people are constantly rotating in and out of here and how I am grateful that I am not “new” to this place anymore.  I mean I haven’t been here for a long time by any stretch of the imagination, but at least I haven’t only been here for a few days.

Although I have had some tough days, I am adjusting well.  The worst thing about being here is missing home.  Man, do I miss home.  While that is true, I cannot focus on that, because if I do, then the days drag on like molasses.  That is the last thing I want.

True to my nature, I have made a couple of friends – mostly people I work with.  We have some really awesome people on our team and I am so grateful for them.  They make work and the long hours much more bearable.  No one wants to be away from their families, but we are all here together.  There is a girl on my staff who is deployed with her husband.  I often think of how lucky she is and how nice that must be.  Then I remember that I know exactly what that feels like.  I had my opportunity to be deployed with my husband and I am grateful that Bill and I were deployed together when we were.

I cannot explain to any one of you how bad missing home sucks.  There are no words to convey how challenging that is.  I think it is harder for the one leaving.  The deploying member is completely uprooted and has to adjust in a small amount of time, while the others stay behind and live their life like normal.  I know my family misses me, too, without a doubt.

I am not going to make this sad and “woe is me”, because I know that there is a purpose for me being here and if I can help just one person while I am here, then that will make my time here so worthwhile.


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