Silver Linings

Let’s all agree that it has been entirely too long since I have written a blog.  I really need to be better about sitting down and getting it all out.  I do love writing, but sometimes time gets away from me.  Here we go.

Yesterday I made it pretty clear that I had a crappy day.  I posted about it on my Facebook page.  When I went to sleep last night, I was exhausted.  Part of it was that I ran and that always exhausts me.  The bigger part of it, though, was that I was mentally drained.  High emotions and frustration can really do that to a person.  I mean I was so exhausted that I told my dear sweet husband that I wasn’t going to call because I was just so tired.  Y’all, I never voluntarily miss an opportunity to video chat with my husband.  That’s how you know I was just so done with yesterday.  I sleep good though and woke up well-rested this morning, which I was grateful for.  It is never easy to function the day after a less-than-restful slumber.  Add to that a rough day the day before and you have a recipe for disaster.  Lucky for me I slept well. *phew*

This morning I woke up to an email from the web editor of Women’s Running Magazine which informed me that my article had been posted on their website (link included) and would be posted on their social media.  Huh?!  Rewind.  I read the email about four additional times.  Then it clicked.  Duh, go online and read your published article, girl, shoot.  And there it was.  I cried.  The fact that I cried is funny to me.  I knew I submitted the article and my photo.  I knew she had previously told me yes the content was good enough to be published.  But there was something surreal about actually seeing my article published on a magazine’s website and Facebook page.  What’s even funnier is the fact that I read the article.  The one I wrote and proofread a couple dozen times before I submitted it.  And then I read it again.  And again.  Then all day today I kept the webpage up on my computer at work.  Then I got to my room after work and read it again.  I could probably recite it from heart after having read it as many times as I have.

I am still in shock that I had an article published on a running magazine’s website.  This is such a huge deal to me and something I will never get over.  And the article was about running, of all things.  Hell I used to not be able to run, nevermind write an article for a magazine about my journey with running.

This is a moment I will treasure forever.  I would encourage you, if there is something you want to do but feel leery, just do it.  You never know what kind of an impact you will have on someone else’s life.

Here is the link to the article: My Article


Oh, and if you Google, “she started running during a deployment” my article is the very first thing that pops up.  Double yeah!

My overly excited happy face

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